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Quality is Cheaper than Cheap is

Picture the scene: you’re on your way to a summer picnic, you’ve got your scotch eggs, cucumber sandwiches, and prosecco in the picnic basket you bought last week for a bargain price, and all of a sudden there are bubbles swilling around your socks and cucumber slices all over the pavement. Your new basket has fallen apart at the seams, and to add insult to injury, a stray cat that’s dying of TB has just made off with the scotch eggs.

That exact situation is probably not one that many of us have experienced, but we must all have faced the irritation of buying goods at what looked like a bargain price, only to realise shortly afterwards that the reason they were cheap was very simple – they just weren’t very good.

It comes as little surprise that what holds true for the world of retail also holds true for other parts of the business world, recruitment included.

Here at Angela Mortimer, we have always believed that it makes far more sense for companies to invest in their recruitment processes in order to find the staff who will add real value over the long term. Not only do such people help businesses fulfil their potentials, in the long run quality hires work out as cheaper than cheap.

A process that works for clients and candidates alike

Angela Mortimer’s consultants do not just excel in finding candidates that deliver outstanding results over the long term; they also pride themselves on the quality of service offered to their candidates.

“Angela Mortimer is a great recruitment agency to work with, they really take the time to understand your needs and try to find companies that suit your career path,” says Natalie Magloire, a former candidate. “I would always recommend Angela Mortimer to any family, friends and colleagues who are looking to find a new role. I also found the recruitment consultants very through and pleasant to work with too.”

Natalie was placed in a temp PA role by Angela Mortimer consultants in May 2013. Three months later she had been given a permanent position, and has since been promoted to work as the PA to two partners in the consultancy.

Natalie is now also a client of Angela Mortimer’s, since her current position involves actively recruiting new PAs, secretaries, and team assistants.

“I always use Angela Mortimer,” Natalie says. “The reason for this is that Angela Mortimer knows what we need and always send candidates who would work well within our organisation. They also understand our requirements and have never failed to deliver.”

Fran Moynihan, now an Associate Director at a leading national Estate Agent, had similarly positive experiences with her consultant at Angela Mortimer.

In 2011 Fran was returning to the UK after spending two years in Australia. Her flight arrived on the Saturday, by Monday she was in an interview sourced by Rosie Heathcoat, and within two weeks she was working as a lettings administrator.

“I really can't thank Rosie enough,” Fran says. “Without her I wouldn't have had the opportunities I've had. Moving back from Australia was quite a daunting time. I had left a lot of friends, a great lifestyle, I'd never had a full time job in London and I knew how competitive it was.

“Rosie really pointed me in the right direction, prepped me for my interview and kept me informed the whole way.”

Fran, like Natalie, has now been promoted to a position where she needs to hire staff herself. And just as Natalie did, Fran has decided to use Angela Mortimer’s services: “Rosie has since placed my own administrator for me and I knew from my own experience that she would find us the right person.”

Angela Mortimer has a long and happy history of supplying businesses with top-notch employees like Fran and Natalie; of taking such care of our candidates that, when they have sufficiently progressed in their own careers, they have no doubt about which recruitment agency they will be using; and of supplying businesses with outstandingly long-lasting workers, who can add real value to a business over an incredible number of years.

Of all the lessons that we have learnt over the past forty years, one stands out: there is no quick fix in the world of recruitment. There is simply no way of hiring on the cheap – except, that is, by investing in the initial recruitment process. Only in this way is it possible to find the highest calibre staff – and with every year of continuous employment that passes, placement fees become less and less significant. Quality truly is cheaper than cheap.

Alex Woolley

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