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The Grass is Greener

The grass is always greener on the other side. Does your neighbour have a new car that you want drive? Probably. Definitely. May be. We think so.

Sorry if that’s a bit cryptic.

To help quantify that (somewhat sweeping) statement I spoke to four consultants from within the Angela Mortimer Group about what is was like to work elsewhere as a recruiter, what is was that attracted them to AM and lastly what makes us different / greener for the purposes of this blog.

I won’t be naming names as that would be uncouth, but to set the scene I’ll outline why and how our consultants got here in the first place. #1 wanted to specialise after working in a ‘corporate, generalist’ environment. #2 wanted to leave a very CV driven situation that felt very transactional and not about the people. #3 wanted to leave behind a job where by her mum had had to tell the CEO to ‘bugger off’ on Christmas Day after three persistent phone calls. #4 politely declined to answer this particular question.

Enough of the negatives. Two of our four consultants ended up as employees having come in to register as a candidate. I also fall into that bracket. They both made a point of highlighting the detailed registration process that opens you, as a candidate, up to such a wide range of opportunities through just one line of contact.

‘The collaborative approach to recruitment at Angela Mortimer is genius, and benefits not only us as consultants, but the client and candidate.’

Delving deeper into reasons for joining, the ‘your own business within a business’ sales tool was something the guys had all heard only too often as a means of attraction. However, at Angela Mortimer the reality is that you do actually work to your own P&L margins and that really is a motivator you don’t experience elsewhere. Back to ‘The Internal Market’ and a quote from one of the Divisional Leaders that perfectly illustrates its importance.

‘Angela Mortimer has a fantastic system where by we trade our candidates to other consultant’s roles. This is something a lot of recruiters don’t have and means you can start earning straight away from a cold desk.’

What else makes us different? According to the guys the weekly training sessions on a Wednesday morning are something they’d not experienced before, and proved to be invaluable in terms of insight and advice from the experienced senior recruiters delivering those sessions. Finally, the particular and purposeful focus on the candidate was a recurring. If you take the time to unlock the potential of each candidate, you’ll always be delivering quality to your client, and the numbers will take care of themselves.

‘I’ve experienced the other side of recruitment, where to the agency it’s all a numbers game, yet here the numbers follow because of how brilliant everyone is at their job’

I knew when that one came through on the email it would be the perfect finisher.

The grass really is greener and we all have great taste in cars.

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