Developing Careers for Office Staff

The graduate programme offers individuals to take full control over both your career and personal progression from the start with our innovative promotion structure with over 50% of our top leadership having started as Operations Coordinators. Unlike most other companies, you can learn and working collaboratively with AM’s C.E.O and leaders to further develop as a Trainee Consultant within 6 months of starting. “

“The role offers you to build your skill set not only in operations and recruitment but also build your customer service skills, leadership skills and overall confidence. Not to mention, being able to build your own business within the company, work abroad in one of our global offices and have the potential to earn between £30k – 35k within your first year as a consultant. You have the opportunity to work amongst an inspirational team and friendly culture from the start, who care about your next steps when moving onto the floor. ”

Testimonial by Tara Polglase.

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