Developing Careers for Office Staff

“I finished university not truly knowing where my career was going to take me. After speaking with the consultants here I was instantly taken by the career opportunities within the group. Having a job speaking to people all day every day, never knowing what challenges you will be facing but underpinned by a well-drawn out career path – it seemed like the perfect opening to my career.

Starting the Grad Scheme was an amazing experience. Being thrown in at the deep end, greeting clients and being the external face for the company provided a real buzz and helped me develop my skills and understanding of the business from the bottom upwards. I progressed after 3 months into a temp consultant position which provided further scope for personal development. Then, after a further 6 months of cutting my teeth in the recruitment world, I was offered the opportunity to start my team. The Angela Mortimer Graduate Development Programme is set apart from anything else by the training, responsibility, and real career. ” – Testimonial by Chris Horsley

Chris Horsley

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