Developing Careers for Office Staff

How we work

In other recruitment firms, the consultants work for the firm. We do things completely differently. The firm works for the consultants. Every function, from management to accounting, is there to serve them.

This upside down model is why they, in turn, give you such extraordinary service. And why we recognise how important they are by sharing the company’s success with them.

The ability to really match people to jobs is an art no computer can manage. Which is why we rely on the people skills and experience of our consultants. And our unique process of matching dynamics.

When you ask us for someone, we will allocate a team, not an individual, to your account – one with specialist experience in your business field. And the first thing that this team will want to do is visit you.

We come to you, because we believe it’s important to get to know your firm, the way it operates and its culture.

Then we explore all the different dynamics – the job, the company and the candidates – looking for the best potential matches. It’s a process we’ve evolved over 43 years, and it works far better than anything else in the market.

So, unlike some of our competitors, we keep our shortlist short. Everyone we send you will be outstanding.