Developing Careers for Office Staff

The Mountbatten Internship Programme is a not-for-profit organisation that provides opportunities for young professionals to gain exposure to a mixture of businesses and culture in New York.

The programme also provides structured educational training in the form of evening seminars and workshops to place the interns’ experience in context, including:

The programme recruits over 180 college graduates each year, mainly from Britain, and places them in a range of full time internship positions with sponsor companies in and around New York City for up to 12 months.

  • American history
  • Politics
  • Business practice
  • Arts

Each year, Angela Mortimer of Angela Mortimer Plc Group is a guest speaker in a week long conference in New York. She gives interns an overview of the British workplace and changes that have developed during the interns’ time abroad. Angela and some of our top consultants meet, advise and interview the Mountbatten interns, preparing them for their return to the UK and assisting with their entry into the British workplace.

Visit the Mounbatten website to find out more information about the internship programme.