Developing Careers for Office Staff

Part of the internationally positioned Angela Mortimer Group, we recruit permanent and temporary staff across the Midlands for a full range of office support and executive roles starting at graduate entry through to executive level.

We believe in finding you positions that fit your character and ambition, as well as your skills. Where you can grow. Somewhere you can be inspired and inspiring. Where you can also be paid well, and expect greater things.

We call this ‘matching dynamics’ and it’s made us the UK’s leading consultancy for recruiting office executive and support staff.

We look at you as a person, not as a peg to fit in a slot. Which means looking at far more than just your qualifications or experience. We look at your talents, your goals, and what you want out of life. So, if you prefer the flexibility of working when and how you like, then we can match that too.

This is why we don’t call ourselves agents, but consultants.

The process we go through with you takes time, honesty and commitment and we won’t put you forward for a position unless we think you’re right for it and it’s right for you.

But our results speak for themselves – the success rate for the average recruitment company in filling a position is around 1 in 8. Ours is 1 in 2.