Developing Careers for Office Staff

What’s the difference between ‘OK’ and ‘great’?

Our aim is to exceed your expectations. Not just in what we do for you, but more importantly, in what our candidates can do for you.

When the company was formed in 1976, support staff like secretaries were undervalued, their talents underestimated and their career opportunities non-existent.

We believed passionately that this was a waste of their potential, both for themselves as people and for the companies that employed them. So we focused our service on developing careers, not just jobs.

We believe in matching the dynamics of the position – the skills needed, the opportunities it offers, the values of the company, and even the personalities involved – with those of the candidate.

We know that people who are well matched in this way are more productive, more committed to the success of the company and less likely to leave. Because they get more out of the job, they’ll put more in.

In our experience, the reason most people leave is because they’re bored. If you have no great expectations of them, they’ll just give what’s required. No more.

However, great people take the initiative. They will anticipate problems. They do what is needed, even if it’s outside of their job description. They roll up their sleeves. They’re motivated by more than just money, because they have a chance to grow themselves – and your business.

Imagine if everyone in your company was like this.