Developing Careers for Office Staff

Surprisingly, our charge is comparable with other recruitment companies.

But we find better candidates, more likely to add value, and to stay with you.

We do this because we just do a bit more at every stage: we have a unique 16-step process that, faithfully followed, produces the right result.

The only way we could discount on our fee is by cutting some of the steps. This is not an option. So, sorry, it’s always the full fee.

Unless the candidate doesn’t work out. In this case, our process is different to everyone else’s. We rebate an average of 50% of the fee for a failure in the first 12 weeks – this 50% is based on our belief that when we provide you with a candidate to interview, we are in a 50-50 partnership, and should thus take a share in any failure.

That’s the theory, because in practice it hardly ever happens.

Last year, the figure was two candidates for every hundred successfully placed (our temp rejects are even lower at one per thousand).

Which means your interviewing time is more effective. And you’re less likely to have to repeat the process in say a year’s time.

In short, we save you far more money than we cost. Our fee is a lot cheaper than the other agencies’ fully discounted fee.